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A Great Night At The Maurice O' Keeffe Concert

posted Apr 7, 2013, 1:29 PM by Kiskeam Area   [ updated Apr 7, 2013, 1:36 PM ]
The night started off with the young talented musicians that Timmy Collins is teaching. It then moved on to a brilliant piece of music from the band SeaNua. We had a few songs from Ell Marie O Dwyer and then a few tunes from the great Jackie Daly and Matt Cranitch. We then had some more young talented musicians from the Duhallow area. 
                                                                                                                                        We then took a break to launch the Maurice O' Keeffe DVD. A preview was shown for approximation fifteen minutes. It showed the intro to the DVD and a preview of Maurice on Hall's Pictorial Weekly in the 1970's working at the council. Frank Hall (A very famous TV presenter at the time) asked them "what was the difference between fresh tar and louse chippings" and none of them could answer. If your going to buy a DVD I would really recommend this. It can be bought from any of the members of the O' Keeffe family. 

(Interviewer) Noreen Fitzgerald, Maurice O' Keeffe & (Producer)Leo Fitzgerald
launching the DVD at the Traditional Music Concert. Picture By: Seán Radley. 

The concert then continued on after the DVD launch. Story teller Nora Reidy then told a great story/poem Vindaloo and got the audience smiling and laughing. Breandan, Breanainn Begley then went on to play a few great tunes on the accordion and guitar. The concert was a great night. Roll on next year. 

Nora Reidy telling her story at the Maurice O' Keeffe Traditional 
Irish Music Concert. Photo By: Seán Radley
 Breandan and Breanainn Begley playing their brilliant West Kerry music at
the Maurice O' Keeffe Traditional Music Concert. Photo by: 
Seán Radley