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The Night The Army Band Played In Kiskeam

posted Dec 14, 2015, 10:53 AM by Kiskeam Area   [ updated Dec 14, 2015, 1:53 PM ]

Storm Desmond was raging outside, but that didn't deter people from coming to Kiskeam Church on Friday night 4th December to see and hear The Band of the 1st Southern Brigade. It's safe to say that the audience was blown away with what they heard on the night. 

The festive season had just about set in, it being the first week in December. The
night in question, did not lend itself very well to travel though, as one of the biggest storms of the winter was making every journey a challenge. They turned out in their droves however to hear the Army Band play in Kiskeam and by the end of the night everybody's face wore a big smile.

The 30 piece band was led off by conductor Captain Brian Prendergast, who was also the MC for the night. The colour of the Band setup was striking and the various trumpets, trombones and tubas glistened in the lights of the Church. Some of the younger members were playing with the Band for the first time and one bandman was playing with them for the last time ever.

The programme was very varied and ranged from Military Marches to Michael Bublé and from a Disney Mix to Les Misérables. There was the unexpected treat of great singing by some multi-talented band members and a sprinkling of festive favourites were included given the time of year. The audience was encouraged to join in the singing and they did!
Everyone from the youngest to the oldest were enthralled by the magical event unfolding before their eyes. 

Then came the sad part. The final piece. When it was finished, the Band got a standing ovation and pleas for an encore. They got it, of course. When that was over, the crowd sat again with all eyes on the Band, to see if perhaps they might strike up another tune. Having given 2 hours of superb entertainment, the musicians agreed to one, very last piece. Then the Conductor had to tell everyone it was time to go home! This night just might have been one of the most memorable evenings ever to take place in Kiskeam.

Half of the proceeds went to St. Joseph's Foundation in Charleville 
who do great work in the community. The event was hosted by the newly revived Kiskeam Brass Band to raise awareness and and to put together some funds to buy instruments. It succeeded in doing both! The Band is now seeking new members and anyone interested in getting involved should contact Anne-Marie on 087-7421696.

Everyone is looking forward to hearing their first performance!